Site Survey for Network

Hybrid Site Surveys

During a single, quick walkthrough, PNPL conducts passive and active tests. In other words, Pebble Network Team simultaneously measures and maps Wi-Fi airspace and end-to-end connectivity. This means getting more on-site work done in a shorter time. During the survey, we also discover all the audible access points and other Hindrances coming in between Connectivity, and to clear the line-of-site in the area.

Troubleshoot and Simulate

Pebble Network provides Troubleshooting to your network. We will spot unseen network problems and be able to fix broken or misconfigured access points, Broken LAN Cable, Optical Fiber Cable breakage through OTDR Test. Also we find undetected rogue access points, and discover coverage holes.

List of Reports & Plans we Provide after Survey :

  • → Signal To Noise Ratio
  • → Data Rate
  • → GPS Support
  • → Passive Scan
  • → Active Scan
  • → Log Data for All Access Points
  • → Multi-Level Building Support
  • → Wi-Fi Report
  • → Performance Estimation
  • → Network Planing