Unified Threat Management System

In Today's world new threats evolve daily and on the other hand, there is a demand for more open access to the data resources and application.

  • Speed & sophistication of cyber-attacks is dramatically increasing

  • Blended threats, hybrid attacks and automated tools have become popular and getting them is easy

  • Critical infrastructure is dependant on Internet, and threats are progressively more unpredictable

  • E-mail has become the primary means for distributing threats

  • Once on the network drive users can be affected

  • Cause: Software vulnerabilities are caused by programming of source code without proper checks and buffer handling

  • “99% of intrusions result from exploitation of known vulnerabilities” -- 2001 CERT, Carnegie Mellon University

    Our solutions strengthens an organization against such risk by partnering with major security vendors. Our company is proud to be having maximum number of clients for security management services.

    Our Company has a core strength of Networking Security, we have certified professional for designing and deploying security solutions to ensure a risk-free environment for your organization needs.

    Our solution safeguards against unauthorised access, services denial, destruction of data and other fatal issues.

    Networking Security

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